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     - Information visualisation and integration
     - Timing and synchronisation network design
     - Network element management



Resource Agility

Change is coming. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) present challenges and the potential of huge rewards for network operators across the globe.


Development Time

Development begins on the new version of Sync Architect, adding IEEE-1588 (PTPv2) support and time/phase planning and simulation functionality to support the timing requirements of todays networks.


Subsea Intelligence

Bridge Worx' management platform, provides visibility and network intelligence for the Marine Institute's scientific research into the marine environment at the Galway Bay Cabled Observatory.

Why choose Bridge Worx?

Bridge Worx has a wide experience of implementing telecommunications networks and management systems around the world, using unique product sets and a flexible approach to provide innovative solutions into networks of all sizes.

The field of communications is ever evolving and, as a member of the TMForum, BridgeWorx maintain the knowledge and expertise to implement industry best practices and deliver standards based applications and services.

Bridge Worx Overview


TM Forum is the largest global trade association focused on bringing together the digital ecosystem, including communication service providers, digital service providers and enterprises, working with our members to enable an open digital world.

There are more than 900 member companies today who have joined the TM Forum. These member companies are widely recognized as industry leaders and they represent every major region from around the world. The Forum members help shape the future by collaborating with other members on the development of best practices, standards and tools like APIs that support a vibrant and open digital ecosystem.




Sample customers


Espy II is employed by Vodafone to manage hundreds of synchronisation elements in 24 countries around the world, with 13 different types spanning 20 years of technology using legacy and modern protocols, bringing the alarms and management data into a single, common platform.



Bridge Worx' Espy II software performance monitoring and reporting capabilities are utilised by T-Mobile across 6,500 radio links to provide predictive reporting of imminent radio failures, resulting in 75% reduced operational costs and improved quality of service to customers.


Bridge Worx provide contracted code level maintainance and product enhancement services for the Ericsson PNCP and DataPlanner products, enabling the continued viability of these vital applications in major network deployments.


SFR utilised Sync Architect and SA Distiller for synchronisation network redesign planning due to network expansion following network acquisition, enabling common methods to be deployed in to the acquired network whilst centralising asset management and optimal configuration strategies.