Don’t Get Fogged Down At Work

October 17, 2016, Category: Visualise

I am lucky enough that my daily commute takes me through some of the beautiful English countryside we are blessed with in this country. Come rain or shine, the stunning rolling hills on my familiar drive never disappoint. Except one day recently on my way to work, I entered a patch of thick fog. Suddenly the drive that I am so used to became unfamiliar, alien and dangerous. The corners, junctions and potholes that were ordinarily taken for granted all of a sudden presented a real challenge. My mind struggled to cope with the sensory deprivation of reduced visibility and I had to (somewhat sensibly) slow everything down.




One thing was immediately apparent – how important clarity of information is to our everyday lives. Our own sight enables us to consume and interpret huge volumes of data; rapidly processing all that surrounds us, identifying threats or opportunities, seeking out patterns or anomalies. And yet the slightest reduction in our visibility, such as a patch of fog, makes this interpretation that much more challenging. Our reduced visibility, means reduced foresight and decisions are forced. Everything becomes reactionary and we struggle with information overload.


Network Management Centres today suffer this exact same challenge. They’re not filled with a fog of mist, but a fog of data.


It is now widely touted that 90% of the world’s data has been produced in the last two years


NMC operators are typically concerned with restoring normal working service in the shortest time possible. Yet when a major incident strikes, an alarm storm can ensue – the fog of data can muddle the picture and delay responses.
Systems can present numerous and sometimes misleading information. Even when alarm correlation systems are used, the problem still exists as the information can be incorrectly configured.


In many ways, this problem is getting more complex with management systems providing more granular information than ever before. It is now widely touted that 90% of the world’s data has been produced in the last two years and that 2.5bn GB of data is generated every single day.


Information visualisation is being lauded as the saviour of this big data revolution, but just like switching the fog lights on in the car, visualisation certainly helps – but alone it doesn’t provide the foresight required in order to make timely decisions.


Visualisations should be role-based, designed to support the individual, with tailored information, be it an NMC operator, their Manager or indeed the Service Manager responsible for the customer delivery to enable efficient and effective intervention and restoration of service.


We work with you to design, implement and manage your visualisation requirements. We go ‘beyond graphics’ and work hand in hand to understand what you need to simplify their roles.


This collaborative approach ensures that we build up a deep understanding of your requirements, where we are able to prototype the solution and redesign as appropriate. Once implemented you can make sense of any network issues you encounter, responding to incidents in a timelier fashion, enhancing your customers’ experience and seeing the network clearly.


Discover how we can help your organisation see more clearly – no matter the weather!

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