Case Study – Horsebridge Asia

October 20, 2016, Category: Case Studies

Horsebridge Asia were working on behalf of a utility company in Malaysia, charged with the task of identifying and resolving synchronisation network issues that the utility company were facing.

After initial investigation by Horsebridge Asia, it was identified that synchronisation clock equipment was failing, which was having a profound effect on the network, causing timing loops. The segments of the network that were causing the timing loops needed to be quickly identified, as well as a redesign of the network to remedy their problem.

Research was undertaken by Horsebridge Asia to identify the best tool available to meet their needs. Through this investigation, Sync Architect was identified as the only option in the market that could solve all the issues presented to them. Sync Architect was the preferred option due to the truly agnostic nature of the software, offering multi-vendor element integration as well as being an established planning tool.

“The simulation element of the software allowed us to identify the areas in the network which needed to be improved” Ken Ooi – Horsebridge Asia

The results of implementing Sync Architect were immediately apparent to the utility company, remedying their initial issue of timing loops. The network simulation feature of the software allowed Horsebridge Asia to optimise the placement of the synchronisation clocks through the redesign of the synchronisation network. Sync Architect allowed Horsebridge Asia to test the network through simulation prior to implementation. This provided the utility company with confidence in the redesigned network, and how it would resolve any issues with the initial design. Network downtime was significantly reduced due to the optimisation of the synchronisation network.

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