Digital – Friend Or Foe To Operations Management?

October 31, 2016, Category: Visualise

Digital technologies are influencing every industry, customer’s expectations are rising for digital products and services, and an increase in speed of all services. This raises questions for operations management and the role they will play in future years. Whilst digital will be able to automate many tasks – it cannot take over by itself. We explain how best to make the most of this digital transformation.


Digital and Human Harmony

If you take a look at any news site, it won’t take a long before you discover an article claiming that digitisation will be the end of the world as we know it, with jobs being lost due to automation and robots taking over the world! But it shouldn’t be like that – digital technologies and human workers should complement and reinforce each other’s skillsets for the greater good.


Digital technologies boast clear benefits, through processing speeds of data for example, but it won’t always know the best ways to action any consequences of this. This is where digital technologies and humans can combine best. However, in order to find harmony, visualisation for the human worker is key. It can be difficult for the human processor, the brain to be able to cope with the vast amounts of data that can be produced with digital technologies. If the most important data is being missed, there is no point to the processes that enable its creation in the first place. A tool is required that allows to easily access the data that matters most to your organisation.

Edge is a visualisation and integration tool, providing visualisation of data on a grand-scale. Customisable dashboards let the user see the data that is most important to them, quick responses can then ensue, improving both processes within the organisation and customer experience with issues being resolved promptly.


Driving Digital

To make the most of advancing digital technologies and to truly drive digital technologies throughout any organisation, management need to reorient the company’s activities to showcase the benefits of digital, making it impossible to not see and experience the benefits first-hand.

If there are a number of stand-alone systems or legacy IT systems, it can be difficult to view the overall picture due to the lack of integration making simple tasks complex. While the benefits of digital technologies may be known, if there are too many separate IT systems that have to be used in order to make the most of their capabilities, operators can get frustrated by not being able to see the overall picture.

Edge remedies this through secure single sign-on, as well as integrating stand-alone IT systems. Edge reduces these frustrations by providing a true single pane of glass for users to integrate their IT systems into one customisable format, allowing clear integrations and visualisations for users.

network visualisation


Seize the Digital Moment

Advances in digital technologies are already making operations management more effective. Live dashboards allow leaders to view the overall organisational picture, allowing to adjust workloads of key personnel to maximise efficiency for the organisation. Embracing digital innovation within operations management provides early adopters with huge improvements in performance over rivals who do not embrace digital technologies. In order for these improvements to take place, visualisation and integration must work together for the organisation to maximise output and profit from improved efficiencies.

Edge is helping organisations to seize their digital moment to maximise efficiencies and output through advanced visualisation of their operational picture. Edge is the industry’s only secure, vendor-neutral BSM, NMS, OSS, and SIEM integration platform, putting any security concerns to the back of your mind to let you focus on what’s important.

Data Adapter

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