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December 5, 2016, Category: Visualise

Edge is the ideal solution for any mission-critical enterprise environment. The product facilitates faster, more complete data integration, user-centric visualisations and secure yet simple information sharing; all enhancing the operational awareness across a potentially diverse set of stakeholders. Edge helps enterprises to unlock the true potential of their information infrastructure through the integration of real-time applications and content into almost any type of presentation infrastructure.

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Typically, each vendor develops their user interface and integration capabilities around their own specific product portfolio. Whilst this approach may be ideal for the vendor’s unique but narrow responsibilities, the user is likely to have much broader, enterprise-wide responsibilities, demanding the use of a number of systems, applications and tools. The user needs the management capabilities from the vendor but will want to interface with those capabilities on their own terms to meet their own individual requirements.

The vendor-agnostic approach that Edge takes resolves this dilemma for both users and vendors. The provision of simple and seamless integration for all information assets (not to mention an extensive library of pre-built third-party integrations) empowers the user to interface with all management tools in a way that meets their requirements best. This also presents the vendor with the capabilities to provide solutions to customers who may otherwise disqualify the tool from their consideration.


Edge provides additional value beyond integrating existing vendor content. AppBoard allows users to create their own data visualisations to meet your or your customers’ demands, rather than being contained to product-defined views. AppBoard’s drill-down capabilities add interactivity to the data, allowing the user to quickly view more detailed summary information. The platform-agnostic approach helps enterprise customers to reduce schedule risk and enable the secure sharing of content by: 

  • Developing highly adaptable and scalable portal architectures
  • Integrating static and dynamic content quickly and cost effectively
  • Deploying lessons-learned from many large portal implementations
  • Tailoring access methods to security policies as well as user preferences
  • Implementing, testing, and managing intranet and extranet portals
  • Accelerating roll-out and minimising custom development

Learn how Edge can unlock the true potential of your enterprise information infrastructure through integration and visualisation

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