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March 13, 2017, Category: Visualise

Service providers make significant investments in numerous OSS, BSS and service assurance tools from multiple vendors, but these tools often lack an easy and secure method for presenting integrated and role-based views of the combined data. A unified view is exactly what both customers and internal operations teams need. This is why many of the world’s largest service providers are using Edge for designing and deploying a secure, scalable, fully integrated and flexible platform to deliver business-critical information and services.

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The Challenge

Many carriers are running into roadblocks and bottlenecks as they reach the limits of their existing supplier relationships in their efforts to virtualise their networks. One of the key challenges of the virtualisation transformation lies in the dependency on the same network technology that OEMs have long been prosperous from to build and maintain networks in the ‘hardware defined era’. On the one hand, these OEMs are required to take a lead role in the SDN/NFV transition by developing and releasing software-defined services as well as service migration tools and methodologies for carriers, supported by professional services. However, these same OEMs have a strong vested interest in preserving their installed technology base and associated revenue streams for maintaining and upgrading these networks.


It is the need for a unified view why many of the world’s largest service providers are using Edge, with the platform providing a single system for service delivery, network security, sales operations, and executive reporting. The benefits include improved, customised customer experience; streamlined workflow and information sharing; and rapid time to realise value.

Edge solutions have been designed specifically to meet the security and scalability requirements of global service providers. The Edge platform enables external access to internal tools with role-based provisions to applications and content while maintaining security levels. When compared to do it yourself portals, or vendor-specific management platforms, the Edge platform provides pre-built, vendor agnostic functionality in a proven platform. Edge’s COTS-based integrations allow you to maximise investments you’ve already made, minimise integration risks and challenges, reduce development and maintenance costs and greatly improve time to market for new services. Your customer portal should be a reflection of your company’s identity, facilitating the seamless efficient delivery of information, allowing each customer to enjoy their own fully customised experience.

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