Improve Reaction Times to Network Faults


Network faults can have huge impacts for customers, it is paramount that operators can respond efficiently. If the status of the network is unclear, or staff are being bombarded by multiple alerts, reaction times will subsequently drop. Increasing the network visibility will dramatically improve the response to failures, improving the service that customers experience.

How can BridgeWorx help me?

My problem

Network operations staff are under pressure as the overall network status is not clear, and so they cannot react promptly to all network failures. During a major incident, a number of alarms can be triggered – resulting in an alarm storm, making it difficult to identify the most urgent issues. This can lead to slower response times to network faults, resulting in low customer satisfaction. This may lead to customers to start looking for alternatives.

The solution

With more complex management systems providing more information than ever before, keeping visibility of the network is becoming increasingly difficult. Increasing network status visibility will improve response times as any faults can quickly be highlighted and actioned. Prioritising critical faults can result in sending resources to the most important faults, restoring network functions and improving overall customer experience.

How BridgeWorx can solve the problem

We work with customers to design, implement and manage their visualisation requirements, working hand in hand to understand what it is that they need to simplify their role. This collaborative approach ensures that we fully understand the requirements, allowing the user to make sense of their network problems, enhancing their own customer experience with our network management platform, Espy II.

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