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It is far more cost-effective for providers to keep customers loyal and retain their custom than having to obtain new customers. A key factor in this is how users feel their experience to be. If they are experiencing regular dropped calls, slow data services and poor voice quality, it won’t take much for them to start considering alternatives. By testing network resilience, it allows the provider to highlight areas which may be causing a number of issues when experiencing network failure. Once these areas have been identified, work can then be done to make the overall network more resilient.

How can BridgeWorx help me?

My problem

Customers are experiencing a number dropped calls and poor voice quality from the network. Slow data services are also problematic due to poor network resilience when confronting a network failure. Network operators are under increasing pressure to enhance customer experience through improved network speeds and reliability of the network. These challenges are being made more difficult through increasing complexity of networks and rapidly changing technologies.

The solution

In order to overcome this issue, the network needs to be more robust and resilient when facing network failures. To do this, failure points will need to firstly be identified and the network optimised to reduce the impact that these failures will have on customer experience.

How BridgeWorx can solve the problem

We believe that network information should improve the overall experience of not just the business, but its customers too. Our Synchronisation planning tool, Sync Architect, allows the user to ‘war game’ their network configuration to highlight weak areas which may be prone to failures. By visually planning the network topology and demonstrating the resilience of synchronisation links, you can ensure that the network is fault tolerant, enhancing customer experience.

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