Integrate Your Stand-Alone IT Systems


With a multitude of stand-alone IT systems essential to organisations, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of different systems users have to know and deal with on a day-to-day basis. Having to sign-in to each different system takes time, and it can be difficult to see the operational picture having to switch from one system to the next. By using a visualisation tool such as Edge, it allows users to see the bigger picture clearly from one display. Customer experience is also improved, being able to offer tailored dashboards to meet individual customers’ needs.


How can BridgeWorx help me?

My problem

With the volume of data available from different stand-alone IT systems, it is easy to lose sight of relevant and urgent information. Whilst there are huge amounts of data being presented, having it accessible in different systems makes it difficult to understand the overall operational picture. The different systems do not integrate well, resulting in numerous sign-in processes for each system which can be frustrating for operations personnel.

The solution

In order to effectively manage a number of different IT systems, improving the overall visibility to be able to view the platforms in one location, and to reduce the number of log-ins with a single sign-on approach would be of real benefit. A further solution would be to have the ability to draw from data from multiple sources in order to best present data to both operations staff and customers when required.

How BridgeWorx can solve the problem

Edge allows the visualisation of cross-product or cross-application data in a true single pane of glass. Single sign-on provides ease of access to numerous IT solutions while still remaining secure. This lets the user understand the operational picture more clearly, being able to react far more quickly. The ability to offer personalised dashboards and portals to customers also improves their quality of information and experience. We help organisations to access, integrate, visualise and understand their operational picture.


Access: 3 applications, 1 user log-in



Integrate: Relevant metrics from 4 data sets



Visualise: Single, intuitive view



Understand: I know the impact of the SLA violation and I know what to do next

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