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The cost of installing network synchronisation infrastructure can be near impossible to accurately predict due to the uncertainty regarding how many sync or sync enabled nodes are required. This makes it difficult to justify the return on investment, however, significant savings can be made through optimising network synchronisation allocation. It can be a complex task for network planners to redesign the network, BridgeWorx makes this process much more simple with our synchronisation planning tool, Sync Architect.

How can BridgeWorx help me?

My problem

You are unsure of the optimum network allocation, and this presents the Financial Director or CIO with difficulties when trying to justify the return on investment. Insufficient network architecture will lead to poor network quality, resulting in poor customer experience. However, too much will waste valuable resources and network infrastructure won’t be running efficiently. You may already be aware that your current network allocation is inefficient, and are looking for a planning tool to help to improve the efficiency of the network.

The solution

In order to find the optimal network design, the network topology must first be accurately mapped to then redesign the synchronisation network. However, this is a complex task to complete manually – and this slows network operators down. A design planning tool would help with optimising the network design, as this will allow testing before implementation occurs in order to confirm that the network is operating efficiently and that there are no failures in the network resulting in a drop in services.

How BridgeWorx can solve the problem

Using our Synchronisation planning tool, Sync Architect, users will have the capability to import their network elements and simulate various scenarios, to ensure resilience. Network topology diagrams articulate the network design succinctly. Using Sync Architect, network operators will be able to design their network architecture for legacy, interim and next-generation networks in one tool. This allows for network planners to be able to accurately plan the sync network, providing the optimal network allocation and offering confidence in justifying the return on investment.

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