Reduce Costs on Multiple Platforms


Do you experience a significant outlay on multiple training sessions for personnel as a result of having to use a number of different platforms and operators? Condensing the number of platforms that employees have to understand into one unified interface will significantly reduce the burden of numerous training sessions, the financial impact of doing so, as well as making information much more visible. Our network management software, Espy II, manages different equipment types and communications protocols in one place, meaning users can manage multiple channels in one platform.

How can BridgeWorx help me?

My problem

You are using a number of different platforms as part of your network management system. This incurs a significant spend on training due to the use of multiple platforms and operators. Each platform has major differences and therefore separate training sessions for each are required.

The solution

A single workspace would allow the operations staff to work efficiently and by reducing the number of different platforms that an organisation uses. This will not only reduce costs on the acquisition of the platforms, but also the training costs related to using different software types.

How BridgeWorx can solve the problem

Espy II, provides users with a customisable workspace. This allows for functions and services to be displayed and controlled using intuitive user interfaces built around specific user requirements. This can significantly reduce the overall spend on training, as the network management is undertaken through one unified approach. As well as reducing training costs, Espy II provides a much higher level of visibility of the network.

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