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The processes involved to monitor, assess and defend information systems are requiring progressively diverse tools and data sources to uncover and combat threats. With an ever-increasing amount of information, this presents a growing challenge to translate the raw data into actionable information. Organisations require robust security systems in order to protect sensitive data. However, this can often make managing the network much more difficult to manage with multiple sign-on credentials being required. Edge provides a platform for secure access, complete integration, intuitive visualisation, and the understanding that you need in order to act quickly and with confidence.

How can BridgeWorx help me?

My problem

Does your business handle sensitive data, requiring high-level security and role-based content provisioning? Your current tools may not be providing you with the confidence that you need in your security set-up and the use of running numerous web-based applications concurrently is making the network progressively difficult to manage. Supplying access control to every application for each individual user takes time.

The solution

A solution is needed that allows for the provision of certain privileges to different users in groups or domains quickly; as well as a form of password management. Security features are required to confidently provide internet-facing views to customers, whilst still protecting applications from direct end-user access.

How BridgeWorx can solve the problem

To alleviate security concerns, Edge provides a combination of firewall infrastructure support, port mapping, content filtering, and a sophisticated security manager. Further security features include secure communications channels, security policies and multiple N-Factor authentication methods. The software also includes password management, alongside content provisioning and single sign-on/off. With Edge, you can have confidence in presenting internet-facing views to external customers without comprising your network security.

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