Edge provides a visualisation platform allowing users to see their existing systems in a true “single pane of glass” format. Customisable real-time dashboards provide more value, facilitating a far deeper understanding of your operational picture.

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network visualisation

Single pane of glass

Edge provides a data integration platform for building new and compelling cross-product or cross-application data dashboard visualisations. Deliver the right picture to the right user with an advanced, vendor-agnostic visualisation platform, providing a true “single pane of glass”. Rapid prototyping, building, or modifying dashboards allows organisations to quickly adapt their visualisations as new demands emerge, accelerating development.

Enriched data collections

Transforms raw data from multiple sources into localised data collections which can be refined, enriched, and filtered. Edge includes a simple connection to a variety of different applications and data sources with pre-built vendor-specific data adapters. AppBoard also includes an HTML API for customers who want to create customized widgets.

Enhanced security

Enhance the security of your existing systems through single sign-on, authentication integration and multi-tenancy – even for apps that don’t natively support it. Role/domain based controls allow limitation for access to web content. enPortal also enables HTML content manipulation and “application hardening” for advanced security.

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