Sync Architect

Sync Architect V5 is the only multi-vendor, multi-technology synchronisation planning tool. It creates a pure software simulation of sync element functionality and network topology, allowing to determine optimal network configurations before implementation.

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Simulate failures

Accurately document network topology

Network inventory, topology and synchronisation configuration can all be captured and consistently documented using Sync Architect V5. Create a pure simulation of sync element functionality and network topology, allowing you to determine the optimal network configuration before implementation.

Improve synchronisation quality across your network

Sync Architect V5 allows you to test the network architecture before implementation. The software dynamically estimates the maximum time error induced in a timing chain and evaluates the chain to discover the suitability to support user defined network applications. This allows the identification of areas in the network that need improvement before any faults occur, minimising any network downtime and improving the overall quality of the synchronisation network.

Justify network spend

Evaluate the impact of inventory and topology changes, configuration changes, network resource failures and single fault tolerance on the distribution of time and frequency in the network with Sync Architect. By evaluating the synchronisation network, you can optimise the network design, allowing for good investment decisions through the proper allocation of network equipment.

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